December 23, 2012

#17 What I Wore Today

Wearing: Vintage embroidered cardigan  |  Vintage lace collared shirt  |  Doc Marten boots  |  Gold locket watch necklace |  Chiffon pleated skirt

Yesterday I modelled for a streetwear brand called Sons of the North. My friend Zayyar was photographing, and afterwards was kind enough to snap this outfit post for my blog. Check out some of the Sons of the North shoot here and here.

Images by Zayyar
Edit by Me

December 16, 2012

#16 What I Wore Today

Wearing: Vintage Daisy Print dress  |  Glassons Cropped Textured Jersey

September 20, 2012

#15 September has been hectic / Ruby and Liam at NZFW

Well, the last 20 days have been more than eventful. I have a helluvalot of catch up posts to write but I know if rush through all these scrambled memories I'll miss out the most vital details. But alas, I will try.

For those of you who follow my Tumblr diary, you probably will know of my inability to blog during NZFW. Being without a laptop during the most blog-worthy week of the year is somewhat inconvenient. I would have liked to have been updating at the same pace as every other media delegate / fashion lurk.

Stepping through the doors into the Viaduct Events Centre, the official venue of NZFW 2012, I immediately felt a little giddy. Either because A. I was surrounded by TV faces and extremely well dressed fashion week attendees or B. I am somewhat inexperienced with navigating revolving doors. Or a combination of both.

First show of the week was the cute and quirky collection of Ruby and Liam. The room was buzzing with anticipation for the start of the show - Seats began filling, and 50 odd photographers were set up and ready to shoot.

Heading into this all I really didn't know what to expect of the week, and once establishing myself amongst the other photographers in the pit I was feeling a little overwhelmed - looking at all these other (much more expensive) pieces of glass staring down the runway. Yep, as expected, this was much bigger than Wellington Fashion Week. This being said I admit I do like being thrown in the deep end. The pressure means you can learn and adapt to a new situation quicker than ever.

Not long after the initial shock had worn off, Miro (NZFWs seating manager and Nigel Barker look-alike) gave his signature hand signal to dim the lights, and it was all go.

All metallic everything! Skirt, dresses, and shoes.

The candy coloured pastels seen throughout this collection were delightful, especially in this fluffy angora jumper and fur (faux) pieces. Don't the models look cosy.

One thing I noticed throughout the week was the amount of wonderful pairs of tailored pants, worn both on the runway and on guests. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair or two seen in Ruby and Liam (I can dream).

All images taken by Izzie Austin (me)

September 10, 2012

#14 Floral Crowns (handmade by me) - ft. A Lovely Blog Post by Nikau

This morning I received a message from the lovely Nikau Hindin, letting me know that she had published a post about me (yes, you heard right!) to her blog - which may I add is equally as lovely, you should all wander along and check it out. As you can guess, I was flattered by her kind words, and figured it was a good time to blog about these floral creations myself.

Floral Crowns are one of the few crafts I sell at local markets in and around Wellington in my spare time. However I also sell them online for any readers wanting to get their hands on one. They range in price (from around $10 - $30) and are customisable to suit your personal style - This means colour, flower size / type, and the option of embellishments (chains / ribbon etc).

For more information or to buy your very own, you can email me at

August 23, 2012

#13 Thrift Thursday

During the weekend I was doing my rounds of the second hand stores when I came across this gem of a bag - neatly hidden at the back of the store in a box yet to be displayed on the racks. It hadn't been priced yet, but to my delight I become the proud owner after a bit of bargaining. The detail is stunning, with an embossed floral pattern throughout.

August 15, 2012

#12 What I Wore Today


Wearing: Asos peterpan collar dress  |  Glassons cream jersey & hat | Vintage leather Satchel

Hello readers! It's nearing the end of winter here in New Zealand, and I can well at truly say that this jersey has been one of the most valued pieces of my wardrobe - It seriously goes with everything. Since my last post I have been globetrotting my way around the USA, visiting L.A., Cincinnati, and Hawaii. I had the most amazing time and experienced some incredible things. I will be sharing these adventures on this blog very soon! Feel free to hype this look on my Lookbook using the link above. x

June 7, 2012

#11 Moochi - Wellington Fashion Week

Moochi merged classic staple pieces with futuristic details in their 2012 Winter collection. Fabric cut-outs, chunky gold-chain details, paisley prints, sequins, and fun bursts of neon yellow amongst the predominantly dark colour palette are set to brighten up your wardrobe through the cooler months.

#10 Nouveau - Wellington Fashion Week

Nouveau's Summer 2013 collection "Dystopian Summer" held a strong reference to elements of nature and the environment. Their neutral colour palette showed kaki greens, subtle dusty greys, black and navy, with contrasting scarlet red details. The collection showcased printed t-shirts with intricate line illustrations of fauna, an interesting mix of crepe chiffon and silks, along with leather jackets paired with understated pants.